Tracking your progress takes time, but it’s an essential part of reaching your goals.

While a short-term goal can often be achieved without much of a plan or forethought, long-term goals require a lot more organization. In order to reach your long-term goals, you’re going to have to keep track of the journey. However, keeping track of the journey can be a lot of work. Not only does it force you to pay more attention to what’s going on, it also requires you to log information on a regular basis. With all of the hard work that you’re already putting into working towards your goals, is it really worth your time to keep track of your progress? Yes! Here are just a few of the many reasons why tracking your progress is essential.

#1. It establishes a baseline.

How will you ever know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you got started? No matter what kind of goal you’re trying to achieve, you first need to keep track of where you started, and tracking your progress from the very beginning is an excellent way to do that. Establishing a baseline is essential for understanding the progress you’ve made, but it’s also a valuable tool when it comes to strategy. The last thing anyone wants is to continue to put their time and effort into something that’s not getting them results, and when you track your progress, you’ll be able to see which strategies have made the biggest impact on your success.

#2. It gives your memory a break.

As we mentioned in our first point, knowing where you started is an important part of keeping you motivated and on-track. But you already know where you’re at in the very beginning, so what is the point of tracking your progress since you’re living it every day? People are notorious for having short memories and attention spans, and when you’re working towards a goal, you are probably more focused on the progress you’re making rather than where you were at the beginning of your journey. Not only that but if you don’t track your progress as you go, you may forget what you did on a certain day and how effective it was.

#3. It makes it possible to recognize your progress.

Some goals take longer to achieve than others, but with most personal goals, progress happens gradually. In some cases, it occurs so gradually that you may not even notice that it’s happening at all! They say that perception is reality, and if you are working hard each and every day without seeming to make any actual progress, it makes it all too easy to simply give up. But when you are able to track your progress, it gives you hard evidence to confirm that what you are doing is worth your time and helping you reach your goal.

#4. It makes you more aware.

There’s no way you can break a bad habit if you have no idea you’re doing it in the first place! The same goals for your goals. Unless you first pinpoint an area in your life that could use some time and attention, you’ll never give it the time and attention it needs! For example, let’s say that you’re saving up money for an upcoming trip. If saving money is your goal, you probably don’t want to spend $150 a month on coffee. But since you’re just spending a few dollars at a time, you may not even realize how much money you’re spending on coffee in the first place! Not only does keeping track of your progress help you recognize all of your accomplishments, it also helps you become aware of things you may need to work on in order to achieve your goals.

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