Screenshots of Goal Plus app user interface. Showing login screen, preset goal lists, and daily goals.

Goal Plus App

GoalPlus App is a Goal App that lets you
track and monitor your goals and
never miss any of them.

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Goal Plus App

GoalPlus App is a Goal App that lets you track and monitor your goals and never miss any of them.


Power Through Goals

Daily goal setting quotes for that extra push to keep you focused.



Never Miss A Goal

Set reminders to make it easy to remember long or short term goals.

Simplified Goal Setting

Preset goal recommendations to choose from for easy goal setting.



Easily connect to Facebook to find accountability partners and to share your progress.

Advanced Goal Tracking

Monitor and track goals with ease. Identify your weaknesses and your strengths.


Journal Entry

Our journal entry feature allows you to keep track of your life goals as you progress.

The Best Goal Setting App For Personal Development


The Goal Plus application was born when two aspiring entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to take their list of goals from handwritten notes to placing them on the world’s most used device, the smartphone. The vision was to integrate Goal Setting into an easy to use, simple application that empowers users to easily manage and track their life goals.

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Most successful people are quick to attribute their success to having set goals in life long before their success came about. So instead of having a traditional goal setting worksheet, why not use the power of a personal Goal Tracker right in the palm of your hand, on a device that most of us are already using 4.7 hours per day. Perhaps one of our goals in life should be to use our smartphones a little less and focus on the world around us a little more.

Setting goals from our pre-populated goal selection list is very easy, and the app can be used to track daily short term goals or long term goals. The simple interface will allow you to view goal tracking history in detail. The user can quickly identify which goals they tend to miss and which goals they keep powering through with ease. Goal reminders can be set so that you never miss out on the opportunity to crush your goals on a daily basis.

GoalPlus delivers new, daily motivational quotes within your home screen to help keep you focused and motivated. Users can easily share their progress with social media so friends can help hold them accountable. The app also has a journal entry feature where users can log an entry regarding their daily progress, random thoughts, or their feelings of accomplishment. Journal entries can also be shared with social media if the user chooses to do so.

Why not take control of your life and achieve all of the amazing things life offers to those who power through to success. With this capable tool, you too can benefit from the accomplishment of personal goals. Our Personal Development community welcomes you to jump right in and Download the Free Goal Plus App so you can start using it today!


Available on iOS soon…

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Core Features

Weekly goal tracker software displays progress made on both long and short term goals.

Weekly Summary

View the weekly performance graph to see exactly which goals were met and which goals were missed. Easily identify your strength or weakness.

display of life goals summary above daily performance meter.

Performance Meter

Daily and weekly performance meters tell you what percentage of your goals have been completed at a glance.

Journal entry screen displaying list of goal setting entries by week.

Journal Entry

Log your progress or enter your thoughts and ideas. The journal entry feature allows you to go back and reflect upon your journey to the top.

Social sharing app for long and short term goals

Social Sharing

Share your performance and overall goal completion summary on social media and to accountability partners so you stay motivated every day.

Core feature screenshot showing daily goal preset list.

Goal List Presets

Select from preset goal category’s and suggestions. With Goal Plus you don’t need to come up with goals if you don’t want to. Just select and commit.

App screenshot showing how to set notifications to remind user when a short term goal is due.


Set notifications so you never miss a goal. Reminders are a powerful tool to help you stay on track and on schedule with your day to day goals.

User Reviews

Best Goal Monitoring App in the market today. When I first saw the app, I knew this was something that I will use in a regular basis because of its user friendly interface. The functions are very straight forward. My children would enjoy setting their goals using this app!

Ernesto Palconit Jr.

The Goal Plus App has provided the daily support and motivation to help me stay on track with my life goals. The simplicity and power of this goal application is amazing!! I would recommend this tool to anyone that wishes to improve their life through the practice of accomplishing goals.

Aden Hochstetler

Simple layout which makes it super easy to navigate through. Love the weekly summary aspect as well as the daily performance meter. I am easily able to get a perspective on my progress each day and week (with funny accountability notes that push me to work harder.)

Jennifer Mraz

Finally I found it! I’ve used many goal apps. This is by far my favorite. This is very simple, user friendly, and a cleaner Interface. One of my favorite features is the daily performance meter. I will recommend this app to my family and friends. I’d definitely give this goal app two thumbs up!

Ralph C. Danding